Anzère 4 Day Lift Tickets

About Anzère 4 Day Lift Tickets

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    This deal is good for a consecutive 4 Day Ticket in Anzère, Switzerland.


    In the event of a pandemic which involves a total closure of all the facilities in the area by official order, Télé-Anzère SA undertakes, for the transport packages issued by Télé Anzère SA, to reimburse 100% of the days closed. The administrative fee of 5% of the amount to be reimbursed will be debited before payment.

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  • Mobile Friendly

    You can redeem your order using your mobile device or a printed voucher.

  • Pick-up Instructions

    If you have provided your KeyCard number, the ticket will automatically be transferred to your card when passing the first gate - Just go straight through the gate and up the mountain!

    If you do not own a KeyCard or if it says “Needs Card” on your booking confirmation, you can pick up the KeyCard for CHF 5.00 when picking up your ticket.

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